Videos Created for Bachelor of Arts

Distant or Close at Hand (2012)

Video experimenting with depth and distortion to make an innocuous suburban setting take a turn.

Through the Haze (2012)

Distorted footage of shadows used to represent a hazy state of being.

Derry: A Story of Resolution (2012)

Video created using flash animation to chronicle the societal troubles in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Insomnia (2011)

Video with monologue used to capture the feeling of one individual's experience with insomnia.

Polarize (2011)

Video with distorted footage used to create the essence of the polarization of water.

Asleep (2011)

A video created using stop action. What happens when you fall asleep?

Thoughts (2011)

Video with monologue discussing the traveler's motto of "More to see than to have".

Perceive (2010)

Video created with appropriated footage. A take on how quickly media is presented to the public. What happens if you slow things down?