About Me

A great way to describe my life: in places. Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, I moved all the way to Richmond, Virginia when I was twelve years old. I lived there through college and in the years following. Although I wanted to go far away for school, I ended up as close as possible at the University of Richmond. The small, liberal arts school surpassed my expectations. I loved every minute of school and was so happy to receive two degrees in Art and Business. My semester abroad in Northern Ireland inspired my deep love of travel. Since graduating, I have been able to take several trips and even return to Europe. It seems like a new trip is always on the horizon! 

A few years out of college and into the professional world, I finally allowed myself to admit the passion I've held all along - writing. Writing fiction, to be exact. I've written short stories and have started "novel" projects since I can remember. It's about time I take it seriously. So, here I am in Pittsburgh pursuing a Master's of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Chatham University. I'm growing and finding direction in my writing and loving every minute of it. 

While pursuing the writer's life, I still work professionally in marketing. I've found that the two worlds really do go hand in hand. I've even been able to use my marketing skills for my Newsletter Fellowship for the MFA program at Chatham. My creative interests are vast and I am able to merge them all in the professional world alongside my own creative work.

For more information, or if you're interested in working together, give me a shout!

Thanks for checking out my resume! Connect with me on LinkedIn to learn more about my experience! - Julia