Put a record on & let's talk.

Too early to be talking music festivals? I think not.

Lately my friends and I have been discussing how we should definitely go to a music festival this year. I went to the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware a few years back. It was your typical music festival with several stages hosting bands from morning till late at night. The campgrounds were crowded with all sorts of music lovers at various stages of intoxication. By the last day, everyone was sunburned and tired and very, very dirty [seeing as showers cost money and not to mention the line was about an hour long]. They had a great lineup and I got to see some bands that I have loved for forever [like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Matt and Kim] and ones that I have loved from then on [like Haim and Japandroids]. It was a great experience. Will I ever return, though? I don't know.

One of the friends I went with always says that we should "go back to Firefly!", but for me, it really all depends. [Don't worry - I'm about to tell you why.] Every year there is a very long list of festivals that take place all over the country. And each festival has a new lineup every year. So, why go back to the same festival? For me, my finances basically limit me to attending just one festival - so I have to make it a good one! I want to go to a festival whose lineup includes many bands I want to see, not just one or two. I want to like the headliner and lots of the other bands, too. The lineup is definitely the most important, but there are other factors.

First of all, we have the logistics. When is it? How many days? I need to make sure it will work with my super hectic schedule [Ha.]. Where is it located? How far? How am I going to get there? Like I said, Firefly is in Delaware which is kinda not too far from Virginia [where I'm from], so we just drove. It wasn't that big of a deal. But, obviously this can become a crucial detail depending on which festival you have your eye on. How much are tickets? Should I buy a pass or just go for a day or two? Are tickets still even available? For some of the wealthier population, this might not be that concerning, but for me... well, it's just a different story. I just need to make sure it's doable. Where will I stay? Are there camp grounds? Do I have the gear I need? Some festivals have camp grounds, some don't. You just need to figure that shit out and see if lodging is just going to be another annoying cost.

Okay, so, logistics: check! Next, and probably more important, we have company! I sure as hell am not going to one of these festivals alone. That wouldn't be any fun anyway! Just a word of warning: choose carefully. Make sure that the people you bring aren't going to be Debbie Downers because they might not be able to take a shower or might not be able to charge their phone or end up missing a band for some reason. The best people to go with are the laid back type - people who just roll with the punches and are going to have fun no matter what because that's what they're there to do. You know, you just don't want anything to harsh your mellow- get me?

Anyway, I'm bringing all of this up because my two best friends and I have found a few contenders for this year's festival choice.

  • Lava Music Festival: This one would probably be the easiest one for us. It's only a day show, but it's in Virginia so we would be able to drive there and back on the same day. We wouldn't have to worry about lodging and the tickets are relatively cheap. ALSO one of my favorite bands of all time Tokyo Police Club is on the lineup! Yay! And Cloud Nothings! Double yay!!
  • Shaky Knees: So, this one is more along the lines of Firefly. It's a long weekend thing in Atlanta. Pretty far from us but not too, too bad. I've made the drive before with a packed car and didn't go [too] insane. THE BEST PART IS THAT THE STROKES ARE HEADLINING. [Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to shout that, but I couldn't hold back my enthusiasm if you couldn't tell]. I would be sooooo excited to see them again! And at a festival! Cool beans [is that phrase lame now?].Other highlights: Neutral Milk Hotel, Kaiser Chiefs, The Mowglis, Jukebox the Ghost, TV On the Radio AND the legends that are The Pixies! There's no camping, so we would have to get a hotel. Kinda sucks, but whateves. [This is the one I'm kinda pushing for.]
  • Governors Ball: It's a long weekend event all the way up in New York at Randall Island Park. It would be quite the trek. Also we would need to stay in a hotel since this one doesn't involve camping. Some lineup highlights are Florence + The Machine, The Black Keys, Weird Al, War on Drugs, Charli XCX, Echosmith and Tame Impala. Good bands, but no one I would go crazy for.
  • And of course, Firefly, because why not. They unfortunately have not released their lineup as of yet, so they are still at the bottom of my list.

They all sound pretty great! I'm just excited decide and then to just go!

Hey readers out there! [If there are really any of you. I don't really know if anyone actually reads this blog or not. I might just be talking to myself. Ha.] If you guys have any festival ideas or any festival stories to share, let me know in the comments! I'm always up to learn something new!

Until next time, happy listening!

Xx. J