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Musical Pastimes

The list of fun music-related activities [excluding the obvious going to shows and, you know, just listening] is quite endless if you think about it. As a person like myself with a [sometimes unhealthy] obsession of music, I haven't even explored all of them. One new type of entertainment has been brought to my attention recently, though. It occurs every Tuesday evening at my local Irish pub. A group of my friends attend together each week and without fail the night is filled with drinks and laughs. The enjoyable occasion I am speaking of it, of course, music trivia. It's a great time. Hanging out with friends and discussing music and playing a game - what could be better? We always have such fun seeing how much we each know and learning new facts and about new music. The game usually consists of 4 rounds. First off, the guy who runs the trivia night [who also happens to be a DJ at WDCE - which is how we found out about these events] plays 30 seconds of 20 different songs and we, as a team, need to write down the song title or the artist - sometimes even both, depending. At the end of the round, he goes through the songs again quickly so we can just double check everything. Next we have the questions round - just a good old, straight up music trivia quiz. Round 3 gets a little bit trickier. He plays only 20 seconds of 100 different songs in quick succession [ And you don't get the chance to hear anything twice, like you would in round 1]. Finally, we have the quick fire buzzer round. This is basically exactly what it sounds like. Each team has a buzzer and as songs are played, you hit the buzzer the second you know the tune [title and artist, to be specific].

The final round stresses me out like no other. For a trivia game, it definitely is able to get the adrenaline pumping. You wouldn't believe how quickly some of the regular participants buzz in. Some of them have been doing trivia for ages, so can you really blame them? But, I mean, sometimes it's just truly astonishing how quickly they can identify a song. Frequently it's after only the first two notes of a song. Within seconds [sometimes less] they recognize the tune. I aspire, one day, to be like them.

The amazing part is that many of the trivia nights have no theme. This means music is being played from every genre and every decade. I have to admit, while I do have a depth in knowledge of music, it can be limited to certain types and time periods. The music will also include covers [which always throw people off], live tracks, and obscurities that no one knows. When there is a theme, I suppose it's much easier. At least you know what you are getting yourself into. But, still. I get severely dissapointed in myself for not being quicker on the uptake. I do know a fair amount of the music played, but sometimes I'm not quick enough or can't immediately think of the artist or song title. I always feel like I should know it.

Anyway, as you can imagine, when you are on a team with a ton of your friends, you have loads of help. This is especially true with genres that you might not be that interested in [ahem, country] or don't know much about. Because we generally have quite a diverse crowd for a team, we usually do pretty well. [Many times we come in second place and win free shots for the table - not a bad prize!]

No matter how we do or what place we come in, we are always having a great time. This just demonstrates one of the best qualities that music has [at least in my opinion] - being able to bring people together. My life would be a big pile of nothingness without it. And, for that, I am grateful. I know that, throughout my life, I will continue to find amazing musical pastimes [just like trivia] that will continue to make my life that much brighter. :] [Okay, the sappy rant is over.]

Until next time, happy listening!

Xx. J

P.S. Alex Winston [I must have mentioned her before because she's an all-time fave.] just released a new track! Check it out!

Alex Winston - Careless