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The Road So Far

Well, hello there, internetland! Long time, no see! As you can probably tell from my [ahem, 3 month] absence from the pages of this blog, my life has been a bit crazy as of late. Well, it actually went from super hyperdrive busy, busy, busy to  nothing, nothing, nothing. It's not new, though. This has basically always been the story of my life. So, let's play catchup. Here is the cliff notes version of what I have been up to during my temporary hiatus.

As far as progress on the career front goes [because that's what this blog is meant to be about afterall], I really haven't made any. It's been an extremely frustrating process for me and it's starting to really wear me down. [This is kind of my state of mind lately, but I'm pushing through, as you do.]

I've been applying to basically any PR internship out there. I have sent apps all over the United States. [Location, to me, is not that huge of a deal. I would actually enjoy a change in scenery.] Anyway, I did get a few call backs. I got pretty far in interviews at one firm in New York City and another in San Francisco. I went through three rounds of interviews with these companies and everything seemed to be going so well with both of them.

One thing I have learned is that the job hunting is such a tease. I get so far into the processes where I am literally already inquiring about apartments to sublease on craigslist [and not applying to any other positions because I think I must have this one in the bag] to  just find out I wasn't good enough. Again.

The last time that whole scenario played out was right before the holidays. I had recently quit my soul-crushing part time job at CVS to focus more on this career hunt [and to avoid it's overall soul-crushing nature]. Things really weren't looking up and as I watched my bank account continue to dwindle, I decided to just apply to any and all business/office related jobs in Richmond. I figured any business-type experience would be good and I needed an income fast. So, I ended up applying to this random administrative assistant job which happened to come from a temp agency. Long story short, they called me that day, I interviewed that week, and now they are going to be finding me marketing related temp work. Now that the holidays are over, more opportunities for temp work should be coming in soon [or so they say]. This might be just the experience I'm looking for to be able to break into the PR industry. Here's to hoping.

In the mean time, I have [of course] been continuing my radio show at WDCE. Since quitting CVS, I have had more free time t0 develop it further and to really plan the shows. This is one area of my life that will always be a positive.

Anyway, the dream is still alive. This is just a little road block and as long as I have music in my life, I'll make it through.

Until next time, happy listening!

Xx. J