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What I'm Listening To Right Now Part Deux

Hey guys! Guess what?! I made another mix! [Reference this post, if you don't know why this is exciting] So, just a short post today. Well, long in physical length, short in verbage. Anyway, here's "Bodado" [Long story- inside joke- derivative of the word potato]. Enjoy!

OctaHate by Ryn Weaver

Love Love Love by Avalanche City

A Little Opus by Little Comets

Call Me in the Afternoon by Half Moon Run

Battles by Hudson Taylor

Caves by The Plastics

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift [Don't judge me. I had to. It's too catchy.]

Vegabond by MisterWives

Noah by Amber Run

Changing of the Seasons by Two Door Cinema Club

Until next week, happy mixtape jamming!

Xx. J