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On Hiatuses & Seeing Bands Before You Can't

As I mentioned in a previous post [talking about Bloc Party], many of the best bands out there will eventually go on hiatus or dissolve. For dedicated fans, this is the worst news. No more new records. No more tours. If you had the amazing chance to actually see them play live, you'll never get the chance to relive that experience. And quite possibly worst of all: if you never got the chance to see them live, you never will. [Unless, of course, they get back together that is. Which can be the best and also slightly weird.]

I've talked about it before, but going to shows puts that experience of listening to music on hyperdrive. You can really feel it, you know? You really get a feel for the band or the artist. This is why music lovers and fans get all bent out of shape when they don't get to see a show. There have been many a time when missing a concert put me down in the dumps- because of money, school, work, etc. Seeing bands is not a constant likes some other experiences. Missed the chance to go to an amusement park? So what. Go next weekend. Depending on where you live and the artist, they may come around more or less once a year- maybe even every other year. This uncertainty makes the times you do get to see them even sweeter. So, when a band does happen to go on hiatus [or just plain ol' break up] at the most inopportune time [at least when it comes to your life], it [a little bit more than] sucks. It is something I get legitimate anxiety over- not seeing some bands before I can't.

One time I did get the chance to see a band for whom the odds weren't looking so good. Back in 2009, when Blink 182 finally got back together and began touring again, there was no way I was going to miss the chance to see them live. Having been a fan since the All The Small Things days, I was super siked. I drove over to Virginia Beach from Richmond to see them with my best friend. It was an amazing, high energy show. We even booked a hotel room to stay the night. And went to the beach the next morning. Good times. [Side note: I'm wearing that concert teeshirt right now. Oh, the memories.]

Another instance I had with this [on hiatus/off hiatus/breaking up/ getting back together] dilemma, was actually with The Strokes. I was able to see them once when they played a small outdoor venue in here in Richmond. Sadly, this was before my era of The Strokes obsession. I was a small high school underclassmen, way too concerned about all the drunk people around me to properly enjoy the show. After seeing them, I proceeded to become more and more infatuated with the band. And then that dirty little word - hiatus- came up. Damn. I got the chance to see them and pretty much didn't make the most of it. I have always wished I had seen them after I got really into them. BUT, now that they are producing again, hopefully I'll get the chance once again. We'll see.

inally, I just need to bring up the artists that I for sure, with no doubt, would never, ever have the possibility of ever seeing live. I'm talking about older bands- mostly classic rock or the oldies or whatever you wan to call it [ugh, genres]. Not being able to see such greats as The Beatles, Janis Joplin, The Who [god, even like Mozart and Beethoven], and so many others is a great sadness of my life. I mean I know The Who still tours, but not with all of the original members, and not like back then. I would have been honored to see them in the days of exploding bass drums and destroyed guitars. And then, festivals. Like Woodstock. Before they got overrun with hipsters who don't even know the bands and frat bros who are just there to drink and get high. Although that was important to those festivals as well, but first and foremost was the music. The fucking music. Feeling it and experiencing it and connecting with it. Maybe I'm glorifying it, but it's nice to think about.

Let's be real, though. Sometimes it's good that bands break up. And stay that way. They might have passed their prime. If they are producing music just to keep the dream alive, or just to keep going, it might not even be worth it. I really don't think it should be something that is forced. If the band is done, the band is done. Some things just happen for a reason. But, I'll definitely always reserve hope that I'll see certain bands someday.

Until Thursday [see below], happy listening!

Xx. J

P.S. I have been super busy lately with the job search [stay tuned for some good news on that front hopefully soon (!!!)], so I am going to change up the Caught In My Head schedule. I'm going to be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. Since my posts have been rushed lately, I just think it will give me more time to create better content. I'll also post short extras when I feel the need. Thanks for reading!