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What I'm Listening to Right Now

Let's be real here. This blog is almost completely inspired by the bands and/or songs I am currently jamming to. Most of the time, it is how I come up with ideas on what to write about. When I don't start out with a particular subject to post about, I just check out my recently played tracks and go from there. At any given time, I'll have a mix CD [or, you know, playlist] of the tracks that I am listening to. Over time, I start collecting certain songs that get stuck in my head or I see myself constantly returning to. A lot of the times they contain new releases or multiple tracks from a band that I am starting to get into. Other times it has songs that have been around forever that I am just connecting with again.

At a certain point, I usually just think, "Okay, it's time for a new mix". I then grab all of the songs that I have been listening to recently and put them together. I also always have fun coming up with a creative title for the mix. Usually the songs really don't have anything to do with each other or with what I call the mix, but more about what's going on in my life at that moment. I could probably go back and look at my mixes in chronological order and have a decent timeline of events in my life. I used to journal about my life all the time, but now this is the method I use to chronicle my life.

So, I suppose I must ask the question: What am I listening to right now? Well, here's my current mix...

Title: Let's Rock, Let's Rock, Today

[If you don't get the reference, I'm disappointed in you.]

1. Right Now by Watsky ft. Lisa Vitale


2. Stay With Me by Sam Smith


3. Take Me to Church by Hozier


4. Tongue Tied by Grouplove


5. Drop the Game by Flume & Chet Faker


6. I'm With You by Grouplove


7. Boom Clap by Charli XCX


8. Youth by Daughter


9. Shark Attack by Grouplove


10. The Writing's On the Wall by OK Go


11. Let Me In by Grouplove


12. Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan


13. A Love Like War by All Time Low ft. Vic Fuentes


It's a little heavy on Grouplove and Top 40 stuff, but definitely jammable. Also, most of them have pretty rad music videos, so you're welcome. :]

Until next time, happy jamming!

Xx. J