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Cool Opportunities

Recently, I had a pretty cool opportunity kind of related to the music industry. My mom actually got me the job because, you know, connections are everything in the biz. Who you know can get you pretty far whether or not you have the talent and determination to succeed. I've been told it a thousand times and to be quite honest, it is my most lacking of assets.

But, anyway, here's what happened. My aunt owned this really awesome bar for years in Tempe, Arizona called the Sail Inn. With an indoor and outdoor stage, she constantly hosted live music. As a huge supporter of local music, many were saddened by the news that she had sold the bar to developers. They gave her an offer she couldn't refuse and, for her, it seemed like the right time. The send off event was a huge farewell festival spanning a three day weekend with over 15 bands performing. I wasn't able to attend but I have seen video from the event and it looked fantastic. You can read a cool article about it here.

My aunt's original plan was somewhat of retirement- getting out of the business and spending time pursuing other interests. You know how owning a business can be. You are pretty much on call 24/7 and rarely have time for anything outside of it. This is how her life had been for years and it seemed like she was ready for a break. Well, if you knew her, you would understand why this was an unrealistic plan. She's a go-getter, the type who always has to be doing something, which is why it wasn't a surprise when she [almost immediately] bought into a different bar [thankfully with a partner]. She by no means took on the same amount of responsibilities as with [her baby, her pride and joy] the Sail Inn, but it is work nonetheless. She arranged a situation where she is only responsible for her favorite part of the Sail Inn- entertainment. She still has the exciting job of booking bands and promoting shows, but without the hassle of keeping up with the bar's operations. 

So, this brings us to where I got involved. See, the bar she bought with her partner was an already established and running business called Cactus Jack's. Their vision for the bar, however, was different than the previous owners. With all of my aunt's connections in local music, the bar would be more of a live music type bar, than a tavern type place. So, the logo, marketing, and aesthetic were all wrong. My aunt and her partner would have preferred to just change the name of the bar completely [because Cactus Jack's really doesn't give off the feel they would like], but the building came with a huge, very expensive lit sign that they cannot replace. So, the name had to stay, but the logo? That's where I came in.

They wanted a logo that would reenforce the message that the bar's main attraction was live music. They wanted to steer away from the cactus-y, dessert-y, Arizona-y connotations and really push the music aspect. I went through a bunch of designs and ended up with something that is simple, yet effective [my favorite kind of design]. I was really excited about this project and having the chance to do a little something [even if it wasn't that much] in the music industry. It actually opened my eyes to the possibility of working at a venue as my music industry "in". I'll definitely add this possibility to my job hunt. And, if my aspirations of working at a PR firm [to get that kind of experience] works out, I'll keep a venue job in mind as a possible part-time supplement position. That way I'd be working in both industries simultaneously. Woah, that's a really good idea. I actually need to make that happen. Haha. I love having ah-ha moments while I write. Anyway, you can check out my cool logo below.

Until next week, happy listening!

Xx. J