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Let's [Bloc] Party!

To continue UK week here on Caught In My Head, I'd like to talk about a band that is similar in genre to Two Door Cinema Club [from Monday's post] called Bloc Party. The indie rock band with four members [including the founding members Kele Okereke on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and Russell Lissack on lead guitar as well as Gordon Moakes on bass and Matt Tong on drums] had a pretty awesome run from 1999 to 2013, but are unfortunately currently on an indefinite hiatus. [If there's one thing I've learned, this sadly only happens to the best bands.] The coolest part about this band is probably how they got their break. Back in 2003 when they were trying to get started, Kele Okereke attended a Franz Ferdinand show and was able to hand over a copy of their debut single She's Hearing Voices (2004) to the band's lead singer Alex Kapranos and a BBC Radio 1 DJ named Steve Lamacq. The DJ later played the "genius" [in his words] track on his show and invited Bloc Party to have a recording session. The buzz created from these fateful events led to their signing on the independent label Wichita Recordings in 2004. I guess it really is all about who you know. AND being in the right place at the right time. Essentially, you need luck [and (sometimes) talent] to make it in this business.

I would have to agree with Steve Lamacq's assessment of the band as "genius" especially when it comes to their debut record Silent Alarm (2005). It's honestly one of my absolute favorite indie rock albums. And for good reason... It's one of those albums that is complete. You know, as in every track holds its own and is equally important to the record as a whole. Not surprisingly, it earned accolades proving this point including NME and PLUG awards indie album of the year. It also went platinum in the UK. [If I absolutely had to pick some standout tracks (even though every track is amazing), I would say, give This Modern Love and Little Thoughts a try].

I'd talk more about them, but the music really does speak for itself [their debut album and everything after that]. If you are into some awesome rock music with tinges of EDM and pop punk [and some pretty great lyrics to boot], it is worth listening all the way through. Even if that really isn't your thing, give Silent Alarm a listen and it might be just enough to change your mind.

Until I bring up our next UK band, happy listening.

Xx. J