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Keep Calm and Listen to Bands from the UK

Truth be told, I'm a bit of an anglophile. I've been in love with the idea of the UK probably since I started reading Harry Potter as a kid. A few years ago, I also had the awesome opportunity to study abroad in Northern Ireland [which happens to be part of the UK whether or not half of the population supports it]. Ever since then, the UK has been a huge obsession for me. I constantly watch british television shows, follow british YouTube stars, and, of course, listen to british music. Much of my admiration for the culture stems form the many amazing artists that originated in the UK. For some reason, I'm feeling particularly inspired by the English culture this week, so my posts will be about british bands. Although there are many, many awesome groups from the UK, I'll just mention a few and their journey to popularity in the US [because one thing is for sure- if you get popular in the US, you get popular everywhere].

The first band I'd like to talk about is actually from Northern Ireland. It's one of very few popular bands that come from this area. The most world famous artist from Northern Ireland is probably Van Morrison and then more modernly Snow Patrol. But, I will not be talking about either of them today. This band is [no surprise] more on the indie rock side of things. It is a musical trio known as Two Door Cinema Club. They hail from Bangor and formed in 2007.

The reason I wanted to mention this band is because they are pretty unique. First of all, they stray from your typical rock band because they don't have a permanent drummer. There's something new and different about only seeing three guys standing in a row with their guitars and bass. Of course, they do have drums and synths in the songs, but it's just a different feel. The lead vocalist Alex Trimble [who looks like a stereotypical Irish person- red hair and all] plays rhythm guitar as well as drums and synth. Sam Halliday plays lead guitar and does vocals. And finally Kevin Baird plays bass, synth, and vocals. They rock out pretty hard for a three man group. 

The music they make is really fun, dancey indie rock which [by now you should realize] is my fave music. So, how could I not talk about it? Check out their song What You Know to see what I'm talking about. It comes from their first record Tourist History (2010). After gaining popularity in the UK, they toured with Phoenix in the US which I'm sure gained them a lot of interest on this side of the Atlantic. They performed the single on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The track also got some play on MTV. It became their most popular song off of the record. Another notable song from the album is Something Good Can Work [and happens to be my favorite].

More recently they announced that they are working on their 3rd studio album [to follow the sophomore record Beacon (2012) ]. In the meantime, you can check out their awesome Changing of the Seasons EP (2013) or a tour documentary made about them. Pretty fun stuff [especially if you like the UK a lot, like me].

Until next time, happy listening. 

Xx. J