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Covers a.k.a. when an artist performs a song written by or originally performed by another artist. I actually kind of love them. Well, when they are done well that is. It's fun when a band takes an already awesome song [or maybe not so awesome] and puts their own spin on it. Sometimes they make a song way better than the original and sometimes they just create something completely new. Either way it's refreshing and can be greatly entertaining. 

Covers of popular songs [ones that you already know all the words to] can come out well or seriously not so well. I usually see it going in two directions - either you absolutely hate the cover because how could someone ever try to even match the genius that is this song OR you absolutely love it because this song is awesome and its great to hear refreshing versions of it. It depends, but I usually find myself in the later of the two boats. Especially when bands cover songs from different genres, I love hearing the interesting twist they can put on a song. I usually don't like covers when they are too similar to the original. If it seems like an artist is just trying to imitate the songs original creator, it's no good. They need to put their own personality onto the song for it to come out well.

Covers are extremely popular on the internet. Whenever a song does even slightly well in the charts, you can bet that hundreds of covers will be uploaded within the month of its release. Singers or musicians who are trying to build a career don't shy away from jumping on the bandwagon. It makes sense, tough. Making covers of popular songs has been proven in the past to create a lot of interest for an artist. I think that, as long as an artist is putting as much effort into original material as into doing covers, it's definitely a valid way to gain traction [that is unless of course their act is specifically covering songs].  I've seen many bands that I truly like gain attention by doing covers. No matter how they are doing it, it's nice to see artist who really deserve it to get some appreciation. Plus, most of the time they are only gaining attention because their covers are particularly awesome- so good on them.

That's about all I have to say about that. But, before I sign off, I will leave you with a list of my favorite covers. So, enjoy...

"I Knew You Were Trouble [Response]" - Rixton [Originally by Taylor Swift]

"Believe" - Ella Henderson [Originally by Cher]

"Pursuit of Happiness" - Lissie [Originally by Kid Cudi]

"Wayfaring Stranger" - Ed Sheeran [early 19th Century American folk song]

"Heart It Races" - Dr. Dog [Originally by Architecture in Helsinki

"1901" - Birdy [Originally by Phoenix]

"Naive" - Lily Allen [Originally by The Kooks]

"Friends of P" - Tokyo Police Club [Originally by The Rentals]

"What a Wonderful World" - Joey Ramone [Originally by Louis Armstrong]

"Over My Head" - A Day To Remember [Originally by The Fray]

"Super Bass" - The Downtown Fiction [Originally by Nicki Minaj]

"Make You Feel My Love" - Adele [Originally by Bob Dylan]

"Roar" - Dodie Clark [Originally by Katy Perry]

Until next time, happy listening!

Xx. J