Put a record on & let's talk.

The Reason I Do This

Today, I've just got a short, superficial post for you. It's simple and my favorite thing to do when it comes to talking about music- introducing people to artists that they might not have heard before. It is what has made my years of following music worthwhile. Hosting my radio show at WDCE for the last few years has given me a positive outlet for the knowledge and appreciation I have built up. If I can share music with other people and they get excited about it or even maybe just feel happier for that 3 minutes and 25 seconds or whatever the running time of the miscellaneous track might be, that makes what I'm doing rewarding. That right there is also probably the reason I have decided to pursue a career in Public Relations. If it gives me the chance to introduce the public to something awesome that might make their life just a little bit better, than I can be satisfied with my work.

Okay, so back from that tangent to the main topic- under-appreciated musical artists. There is a singer/songwriter/pianist named Annie Drury. I played her song Tattoos and Brass Shoes on my show what seems like a million years ago. The track ended up on one of the many mix CDs that live in the overflowing case in my car. It's so 2000s, I know. [Kiddies, this is what happens when your car doesn't have one of those newfangled auxiliary jacks.] I became very familiar with the song aka I know all of the lyrics because of the multitude of times I heard it through my car stereo. [I frequently become obsessed with songs/artists this way.] One day, I decided to look her up again and found almost nothing.

Back in the stone ages before I had ever even heard of Spotify, I produced most of my shows with songs I found on YouTube and then streamed live on air. It was actually a pretty effective system of finding new artists, which is how I originally discovered this song. I didn't realize at the time I used the song, but I'm pretty certain the video I found is a student production. I didn't even suspect it before because the production value is top notch. It wasn't sponsored by any label or media outlet [like a blog or vlog that gets artists to perform- which is what I had figured at the time]. Some artistic people just got together and created this video, possibly for some university project of some sort. Anyway, when I went back to look her up, I only found one other song/video pairing done in the same style as the first, so presumably created at the same time. It is called Lullaby  and is just as beautiful

Recently, however, I looked her up again on a whim. Lo and behold another video pops up- this time on a label's YouTube channel. Surprise: the chick got signed and is now producing work. She's with Cuckoo Records and an album is on the way. There are no official releases as of yet, but I've got the highest of hopes. The music video I found features her song Some Day. It's a little less beautifully raw than the first songs I heard, which takes just a bit away for me, but you can't deny her voice. She is a wonderful, youthful vocalist and, assuming the lyrics are original, she is poet as well.

So, have a listen and see what you think. I'm pretty sure this is one to watch.

Xx. J