Put a record on & let's talk.

Soundwaves & Dancing

My favorite part about music is the emotional response you can get from listening. Heck, isn't that why everyone loves music? It's a sensory experience. That's what we humans live for, really. Something as simple as sound waves [aka changes in air pressure] can elicit such a deep response- some somber, some joyful, and even some that make us react physically by tapping our foot or head banging or singing along. Something as simple as the movement of molecules can bring up memories of the past. It can change our psyche and our mood. How some people can utter the phrase "I don't like music" baffles me. They clearly have no soul [haha, but no really].

The most extraordinary part about these sound waves is that the space between them plays a part in determining what emotion it can bring out. That's right, people. I'm talking about tempo or the speed of a particular beat. Have you ever thought about how crazy that is, though? The speed of a repeated sound which is essentially just pressure changes can indicate a certain brain thingy talking to another brain thingy to make you actually feel a certain way?! Science! [Okay, so it's more complicated than I actually understand, but we feel it so that's all that's important here.]

My favorite type of music is the kind that makes it almost impossible to not dance around like a crazy person. Which brings us to our band of the day GROUPLOVE. They excel at this type of music. It makes me want jump up and down and flail my extremities around in an unnatural fashion [to say the least].  Of course there are songs like this in every genre, but I'll just focus on indie-pop-folk-rock as I like to refer to my genre of choice as. I have a very difficult time categorizing the type of music I play on my radio show simply because it's a huge variety that I guess can mostly be described as "indie", a term that I have issues with using to describe a type of music [but that's a story for another day]. Whatever it is, GROUPLOVE fit into this category I believe. 

I suppose GROUPLOVE could be considered a typical 5 piece rock band - guitars, base, keyboard, drums - except for that fact that they are so fantastically weird [I'll get to that in a bit]. AND they have a female lead vocalist- which is pretty rare and pretty rad from where I'm standing. 

The band formed in 2009 and have releases as early as 2011, but they are actually quite relevant right now. Mostly because they have been touring the album Spreading Rumours which was released last year. They were also recently featured on the soundtrack for the wildly popular movie The Fault In Our Stars [which killed it at the box office last month]. A while back they also gained notoriety after an iPod commercial used Tongue Tied. Not surprisingly, this song is their most listened to track on Spotify. It comes from their album Never Trust A Happy Song (2011). The record is definitely worth a listen, but let's get back to Spreading Rumors (2013) because I am more familiar with it [and I am in love with it].

This album is crazily eclectic. It jumps around from awesome dance tracks (Shark Attack),  to moody rock beats (Happy Hill), and what seem to be folk influenced songs (Sit Still). There is truly something for everyone on this record. Whatever track you play, though, get ready for a heavy beat driven tune- and that emotion inspiring tempo that goes along with it. 

The response you get from listening is mostly always of the I-need-to-move-my-body-to-this-beat-and-have-fun variety. It is quite compelling, let me tell you. After watching a single music video, it is no mystery where that power comes from- their energy. As members of the band creating such energetic music, they even have a hard time refraining from dancing. This is the weird stuff I mentioned earlier. And it's great. Check out my absolute favorite song and video by them- Ways to Go [and of course the other ones I linked to earlier in this post]. It's a great example. The chick singer, Hannah Hooper freaks out half way through in her skeleton costume and the other vocalist Christian Zucconi ends up on the floor at the end. It makes you want to climb through the screen and join them. I'm sure a live show would be just as energetic and just as stimulating. I would suggest going if you get the chance. And feel that emotional response all humans crave. 

Xx. J

PS. I just found out they are coming to DC in September. I must go. I'll let you know how it is.